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  • All sales are made under the Dutch tree nursery trading conditions (H.B.N.).
  • Packaging is taken back only on the day of delivery, otherwise it is charged at cost price.
  • All deliveries are ‘ex nursery’ unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
  • Complaints about plants supplied must be submitted in writing within 8 days of delivery.
  • Compensation can never exceed the amounts listed on the invoice.
  • Payment must de made on later than 1 month after invoicing. Upon late payment, the interest owed will be charged in accordance with the H.B.N. conditions.
  • Demage are in euros, excluding VAT (6%).
  • Thus plants indicated with this asterisk (*) will have a 5% price increase after 15 december.
Amount Name Size Price
7400Prunus laur. 'Caucasica'P9€0.55
2200Prunus laur. 'Rotundifolia'P9€0.55
8550Cupressocyparis leylandiiP9€0.63
3700Cupressocyparis l. 'Castlew. Gold'P9€0.63
4850Juniperus comm. 'Arnold'P9€0.63
3050Juniperus comm. 'Gold Cone'P9€0.7
2200Juniperus comm. 'Hibernica'P9€0.63
5750Juniperus comm. 'Repanda'P9€0.63
4850Juniperus scop. 'Moonglow'P9€0.6
2050Taxus baccata 'Dovastoniana'P9 2J€0.85
1400Taxus baccata 'Dovastonii Aurea'P9 2J€0.85
1750Taxus baccata 'Fast. Aurea'P9 2J€0.85
5050Taxus baccata 'Semperaurea'P9 2J€0.85
350Taxus baccata 'Washingtonii'P9 2J€0.85
1350Taxus media 'Hicksii'P9 2J€0.75